Best new science fiction & fantasy audiobooks

since ancient times the human has developed a tireless search about its origins and purposes in the universe, its mere existence provides a great challenge, nature itself has endowed with a great brain capacity along with an immeasurable creativity, and it is Thanks to this creative capacity that the human being from its origins has developed and created great stories and legends in order to mitigate his loneliness in the expanding universe, over time great literary works have been written and have captivated thousands of readers in all the world. but among hundreds of literary currents there is one that appeals to us more, the novels and stories of science fiction and fantasy. the great science fiction books began to be written in the twentieth century after the great industrial revolution in the 50s, the great technological advancement gave new elements to great authors of science fiction novels such as issac asimov and his great series of the foundation, frank herbert poul anderson, octavia butler, philip k dick ubik and many more authors just to name a few.

Within the literary branch of science fiction and fantasy we can highlight sci fi books of artificial intelligence, space fiction books, short science fiction books, military science fiction audiobooks, we have several articles on our website with the best science fiction books on audible, we also have new science fiction books and the best audio fiction books of 2018.

Sci fi audiobook series

Audiobooks and science fiction and fantasy online books have been a success after the launch of the internet, every time more and more people opt for the format of an audiobook since this allows you to perform other activities while listening to your favorite science audiobook military space fiction or artificial intelligence, we also have in our catalog of science fiction books with the category of terror and fiction.

Best sci fi audiobooks 2018

According to the New York Times, the Hyperion cantos Audiobook has become a bestseller in 2018. Many people look for this audiobook, their national has wrapped the population on a fantastic journey of technology, romance, adventure and of course a great dose of science fiction, we also recommend the mind of my mind Octavia Butler, a recent American writer who has received many awards for her great literary works of science fiction.

Recommended sci fi audiobooks

You can check our recommended science fiction audiobooks section as well as the best new science fiction and fantasy books section, we have a whole series of science fiction audiobooks available to you for free, you just have to register and you will have unlimited access to the best Science fiction fantasy books and audiobooks that we have for you, we also have a page dedicated exclusively to the great master escitor and novelist issac asimov where you can find his best works such as: asimov’s foundation series, me robot, amazing trip, the end of eternity, and many great science fiction works by asimov, and of course all in audiobook format for your convenience.

Best military sci fi audiobooks

You can listen to the best military fiction science books on this site, either on your PC or on your cell phone, take them wherever you want, perform parallel activities and continue listening to the best space science fiction and artificial intelligence audiobooks.

Audible science fiction & fantasy audiobooks

get the best sci-fi audiobooks right here on audible, you don’t need to navigate outside of this site just play the recording of your liking and enjoy them anywhere, anytime, you can pause and return when you need it again, remember to save this site web for easy access, we have the best collection of science fiction and fantasy books and audiobooks completely free.

Top 10 sci fi science fiction audiobooks

We highly recommend our top 10 best sci fi audiobooks of all time according to, we also have a section of short sci fi stories for children who love fantasy and science fiction stories, science fiction and fantasy audiobooks help children Children develop their imagination further by giving them the opportunity to imagine big.

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